Philinter Life
By: Viktoriia Galeeva_General ESL_Russian Student


My name is Victoria. I’m from Russia. My major is teaching English, so that is why I decided to go to an English speaking country to improve my listening and speaking skills. I chose Philinter. Some of my buddies had been studying here and I heard a lot of good feedback about this school from them. So, I surfed the Internet and made sure that Philinter is one of the best schools in the Philippines. I was pleasantly surprised of the school, classes and teachers. There were different courses of studying and types of classes. I was taking the general course, which included 8 classes a day. The classes were interesting, engrossing, and sometimes funny, but we all were studying hard. We could share our opinions and experiences with other students of different cultures, and develop our speaking skills as much as possible. One-on-one classes were good as well, because we had a lot of time for speaking up and for learning specific things which were important for us. Unfortunately, I stayed in Philinter only for 3 weeks, because of my university winter holidays, but l was able to learn a lot and improve my speaking and enhance my vocabulary. For me it was really a great experience, and I can say, that this school is one the best choices that you can make. It can provide you the interesting and appropriate way of studying language. Don’t be afraid of coming here, if you don’t know English at all. This school will help you to be absorbed in a native speaking environment.
I’d like to thank Philinter again for my study and stay here!