A Boredom Reliever

“A Boredom Reliever”

/ By: Ruth Inocentes /


The 1:00 PM class is for many people the most tiresome class. It’s when we want to take a siesta right after lunch. For working people, however, it’s the time to resume work, and the teachers in Philinter are not exempted. It has always been quite a challenge for me to teach TOEIC Reading at this period. Either I’m sleepy or my student is! At first it was difficult, but in the end, I got the hang of it.

Then I met my new student from Taiwan. He was totally different because he was always so “high” at lunchtime. I don’t have a clue where he got so much energy, but it helped us a lot. His enthusiasm and eagerness to learn/improve his skills was incredible. Sure enough, he got better and better each day after a series of mock tests every weekend for two months; and before long, he was able to reach his target.

What I’m trying to point out here is that our personality, combined with determination, will help us get ahead in life – especially when taking the TOEIC course. No matter what time of the day you study TOEIC, or how you feel on that day, you have to do your part as a learner because you have a goal. Don’t rely too much on your teacher. Just like my student Matt!