“A New Face in Business”
/ By: Kent Abapo /

Upon my arrival here at Philinter, I really haven’t had any idea of what the business course is really all about. I just thought it is one of those “special” courses that has been offered by the school. But then, I’ve got the chance when I was offered to handle business classes. Trainings were given and they gave me a broader approach on how business classes really work. The word “boring” and “difficult” were very different when I was already learning it. The training was a fun and optimistic, so teaching business was never really a difficulty to me. The business course is filled with competitive and advance preparations for students who are aiming for improvement in English as a part of their profession. So, the business team has the competitiveness to teach and the willingness to improve future students. What are you waiting for? Join us! At Philinter, business learning and fun can be one!

A New Face in Business