Philinter Life
By: Nguyen Phuong Anh
Hello!!! My name is Ahn. I am from Vietnam, but I am living in Japan. I’m a university student. I stayed in Philinter for almost 2 months. For me, it’s enough that I know my English skill has been improved. You know I came to Philinter for the second time so you can see how much I love this place. It’s not only a school or just a place to learn English but also a family so I came back here. I love my teachers here and I also have a lot of friends. I found good teachers. I am sure that you can make a lot of friends very easily, because Philinter has a variety of nationalities. I think it’s a good experience for your future. I want to share my experience to everybody. Two months is not a long time but it’s enough for me to make a lot of great memories. I’m really satisfied with my life in Philinter. Coming back here is the best decision of my life. Thank you very much.Anh final