For A Brighter Future; IELTS

By: Goen A. Cabatuan


The IELTS course in Philinter is the most exclusive course this school has to offer. With limited slots to assure that student’s needs are met, this course has gone further in proving that  it is not only about passing a test, it is about preparing for what is ahead in the future.

Teaching enthusiastic students is always fulfilling for a teacher and being given a chance to assist highly motivated individuals in reaching their desired band scores is just cherry on top. With the demand of the English language skills becoming higher in foreign countries, the school has set an even higher standard which adds pressure to the teaching force but is nothing short of achievable since teachers in this institution are hard-working as ever. With effective and intensive one on one classes with skilled and capable teachers, students get the most of their preparation stages. Additional supplemental group classes give them more confidence in interaction. Lastly the weekly mock test we provide, gives students realistic experience.  A total package which delivers results, that is the IELTS course in Philinter.

 It is indeed worthwhile when a student achieves an opportunity to study and live abroad with the help of their teachers. I myself feel it is not just an achievement of my student but mine too. It is not only about studying lessons and improving skills, it is also about building an individual’s future that is bright and full of opportunities.

For A Brighter Future; IELTS