/ By: Joshua A. Densing /

             In many people, business has played an important part not only in the business world but also with the English learners. At first, teaching business was not so easy; hence some students were not very familiar with the topic. It was a challenge for me to teach them every day. However, as time went by, it became easier. I learnt how to get the students attention by formulating examples that are relevant to their previous job. As a result, they were able to appreciate what business course is. Many students have made positive feedback about the course, how it helped them improve their self-confidence and unlock their knowledge about the world. It may have been hard at first, but at the end, the sense of fulfilment of seeing students learn and see the world is priceless. Thus, business English is a course where everyone can enhance their full potential. Join Us! and experience the other side of business English!