Broaden Your Horizons, Study Business English

Broaden Your Horizons, Study Business English/ By: Goen Cabatuan /I have been teaching English in Philinter for quite some time and so far everything

9月 20th, 2016|Businessコラム|


BUSINESS COURSE CAN BE VERY INTERESTING/ By: Joshua A. Densing /             In many people, business has played an important part not only in the bus

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Five Golden Rules for Chair People

“Five Golden Rules for Chair People”/ By: Jack L. Deiparine /1. Time is gold in meetings. At business meetings, never let a discussion run on pointles

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Taking Risks

“Taking Risks”/ By: Salome D. Tubog /I’ve been teaching at Philinter for almost 4 years now.  At first, I felt it was difficult for me to adjust to th

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Pushed Beyond the Limit

“Pushed Beyond the Limit”/ By: Garrick Nehls / When I walked into my BBC Class yesterday, I was reminded of the Walking Dead. My students looked

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A New Face in Business

“A New Face in Business” / By: Kent Abapo /Upon my arrival here at Philinter, I really haven’t had any idea of what the business course is really all

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Philinter’s Business English Course Updates

Philinter’s Business English Course Updates/By: Garrick Nehls

It has been an interesting year so far. The Business English course is expanding ra

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“RESUME MISTAKES… HOW MANY HAVE YOU MADE?” /By: Jeffrey E. Batayola/ T. Epoy

RESUME that is presentable and suitable is the best document/paper w

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“Teaching Business English is fascinating and satisfying”

By: Jeffrey Espina Batayola/ T. Epoy /

of teaSome teachers of English as a foreign language feel intimidated by the prospect ching business English

Let’s Talk Business

By : Teacher Garrick Nehls /

In my experience with students who have enrolled in Philinter’s business program, many of them do not have m