Small Business Telephone System

By: Teacher Jeffrey E. Batayola /

In an ever changing and competitive market, small businesses can easily be swallowed up in corporate

Level up!

By: Teacher Ana Bueno

English language training is becoming increasingly specialized as companies and delegates demand that programs are develope

Let your voice be heard!

By: Teacher Lorena H. Pino /

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”

English has become

“Accounting Rules”

By: Teacher Jennefer B. Siaboc /

Accounting vocabulary class once again caters four (4) students from KPMG Company in Japan. These four stude

“Mystery unveiled”

By: Arwina Villegas /

Some issues are better left undiscussed because they only create confusion and more confusion. People choose to ig

Professional Ways to Answer a Business Phone

By: Teacher Jeffrey E. Batayola /

Be prepared
A good telephone contact starts with preparation. Office staff should know who is responsible

Unleashing the Master Within

By: Teacher Garrick Nehls /

Passion, according to Forbes magazine, leads to mastery and mastery forms the foundation of an extraordinary presen


By: Teacher Arwina Villegas /

Have you ever heard of these words; conglomerate, consortium, and rule the roost? These words might sound very unfam

Business Telephoning makes you lose control

By: Teacher Jeffrey E. Batayola /

Learning how to communicate well on the telephone is one of the top priorities for many students who need to


By: Teacher Jennefer B. Siaboc /

Many of us take time to connect with family, friends and business associates. We establish personal and business