The Right Place: Philinter

The Right Place: PhilinterBy: Shiely Mae V. BerameI can still remember the first time I stepped on Philinter.  It was the time that I seemed so e

To teach General ESL

To teach General ESL/ By: Rose Marie L. Rom /                  Teaching is to bring understanding to someone, especially through an experience.  Thus,

9月 20th, 2016|ESLコラム|

The Unexpected

The Unexpected/ By: Peach Deseree Ceniza / I have been working here as an English teacher for non-English speakers and found it to be very satisf

7月 12th, 2016|ESLコラム|

Teaching Experience in the General Course

“Teaching Experience in the General Course”/ By: Irish Joy A. Urboda /             I started teaching in the General Course in 2013. I joined an inten

5月 13th, 2016|ESLコラム|

Motivated to Inspire

“Motivated to Inspire”/ By: Celine D. Amparo /             Teaching the English language is never an easy task.  It requires courage and commitment to

3月 16th, 2016|ESLコラム|

The Essence of Teaching

“The Essence of Teaching”/ By: Ana Rose Lumiares /Teaching is never easy.  It requires utmost passion and dedication, most especially in teaching Gene

2月 3rd, 2016|ESLコラム|

Can’t Help But Compare

“Can’t Help But Compare” / By: Smilling Montecillo /Seven-thirty is the rush hour for all people, may it be a worker, a student, an ordinary person or

1月 2nd, 2016|ESLコラム|

Tips to learn a new language

“Tips to learn a new language” /By: Teacher Leah M. Ruizo

There are several tips you can do to learn a new language. First of all, you should r

6月 13th, 2015|ESLコラム|



Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are

6月 13th, 2015|ESLコラム|

“My Passion”

By: Teacher Leah M. Ruizo /


It has been my passion to teach English to different nationalities such as Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, K