For A Brighter Future; IELTS

For A Brighter Future; IELTSBy: Goen A. Cabatuan The IELTS course in Philinter is the most exclusive course this school has to offer. With limite

CHALLENGE? This is it!

CHALLENGE?  This is it! / By:  Ana Rose Lumiares /A lot of people say IELTS is difficult.  However, have you ever asked yourself to try?  If you aren’

9月 20th, 2016|IELTSコラム|

Essay – an intellectual, opinionated write-up

Essay – an intellectual, opinionated write-up/ By: Maria Estela Niña Quiseo /The IELTS writing examination is seen by many as the most difficult sub-t

7月 12th, 2016|IELTSコラム|

The Secret to IELTS Success

“The Secret to IELTS Success”/ By: Clifford B. Malinao /Having taught and being taught at the same time while teaching IELTS for quite some time, I ha

5月 13th, 2016|IELTSコラム|

IELTS Reading, not an easy feat

“IELTS Reading, not an easy feat”By: Maryvic Bernardo             It is not uncommon for students in General IELTS or Academic IELTS to complain of se

3月 16th, 2016|IELTSコラム|

Attitude toward Learning

“Attitude toward Learning”/ By: Jovelyn Bayon /            As one of the IELTS teachers in Philinter, I could say that teaching how to answer a test i

2月 3rd, 2016|IELTSコラム|

Listening as Your Goal

Listening as Your Goal / By: Rey Andales /Actually, I was so surprised when I was told by my Team Leader that we would have training for IELTS classes

1月 2nd, 2016|IELTSコラム|


LONGER INTRODUCTION? /By: Dan Nahum Estillore

I often see students writing long introduction hoping to have a better score in writing task 2.

6月 13th, 2015|IELTSコラム|



Listening is one of the requirements for the student to take the IELTS and get a good band scor

“The Hard work Has Paid Off”

By: Teacher Clifford B. Malinao /

Nothing is more fulfilling when one’s goal is realized. In order to reach this point, one has to make tremendous