Learning By Teaching

Learning By TeachingBy: Efren A. BatanTeaching young learners brings me back to my childhood learning experiences.  I remember the passion and th


THE DESIRE FOR TEACHING/ By: April Jane Q. Casinillo /Teaching is not just a profession but a passion to live by me.  It is an interaction between me

9月 20th, 2016|Junior ESLコラム|


Feeling BLESSED/ By: Geraldine T. Pulgo /  Dealing with children has come to be the most challenging task a teacher can ever experience. Maybe for som

7月 12th, 2016|Junior ESLコラム|

Study English and Apply It!

“Study English and Apply It!”/ By: Cecil D. Borgonia /                  It is essential for students to speak English these days because it will give

5月 13th, 2016|Junior ESLコラム|

Great Things in Small Packages

“Great Things in Small Packages”/ By: Axiel Rose M. Berame /             Like any other thing in this world, teaching has its own boon and bane. It is

3月 16th, 2016|Junior ESLコラム|

Grammar Goals

“Grammar Goals”/ By: Jessica G. Yubal /When I ask teachers what language skill they teach their junior students, grammar is usually the last one to be

2月 3rd, 2016|Junior ESLコラム|

Come to the Most Awarded ESL School in Cebu

“Come to the Most Awarded ESL School in Cebu” / By: Teacher Vinna A. Rayandayan /English is, indeed, a very imperative language one should learn. Lear

1月 2nd, 2016|Junior ESLコラム|

Motivating your child

“Motivating your child” /By: Jennifer Pacaldo

Have you ever faced a class full of blank stares where most of the replies you hear are “Yes”, “No”

6月 13th, 2015|Junior ESLコラム|


“MY ROLE TO PLAY” /By: Mary Jane Booc

In honour of the dedicated teachers which played an important role in English instruction for kids, Philin

6月 13th, 2015|Junior ESLコラム|

“Now Is the Best Time!”

By: Teacher Jennifer Pacaldo  /

When is the best time to start learning a language? Is it when we are still young or when we are ready? We should s