Junior ESL in Philinter

By: Teacher Cecil D. Borgonia

Knowledge is one of the best factors for an individual to be known and have a high reputation in the society. That

Man to Man

By: Teacher Emily C. Payot /

In the one-one-one Junior ESL class, young learners are given more attention by their teachers. In this cas

Learning English the right way

By: Teacher Gina Baguio /

A rising number of children from different countries are becoming inevitable here in Philinter. They differ in

Extremely rewarding

By : Teacher Jennifer Pacaldo /

People say that children are learning English language without even noticing and for me as a teacher it is ext

Learning Together

By: Teacher Ritchie S. Calimpusan /

Considering the fact that kids have special needs and demands in learning a language, teaching them E

“A remarkable learning experience”

By: Vinna A. Rayandayan /

If you can picture a premium quality of teaching the most prevalent languagein the realm, and an accelerated learnin


By: Teacher Ruby Ann N. Amoin /

The listening group class for junior students is not only limited to listening and answering book activities


By: Teacher Rey Andales /

I can still remember the first time when I handle classes with kids. It is always a challenging job to teach them ye

Tai-Wonder Juniors

By: Teacher Alvin Pulvera Saraom /

Philinter Junior ESL has almost reached the entire East Asian region as it welcomes new students from the hear

When the Juniors Strike English

By: Teacher Persalva Nina F. Sumalinog /

Our Junior ESL course helps the students to improve their English level as well as English ability