TOEIC = LOGICBY: Ruth C. InocentesLogical thinking is thinking based on proven knowledge and information that is accurate and certain. Employers hire


TOEIC REVISION / By: Jane Booc / Philinter Education Center is updated with all types of standardized tests.  And we always provide the best quality e

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Taking Up A New Challenge

Taking Up A New Challenge/ By: Barby Ann Tampus / Ever since I started my career, I have always thought of teaching as an impelling challenge. St

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Teachers’ Hard Work

“Teachers’ Hard Work”/ BY: Ritchie S. Calimpusan /                         It is my first time to have this many TOEIC students in my class. At first,

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A Boredom Reliever

“A Boredom Reliever”/ By: Ruth Inocentes / The 1:00 PM class is for many people the most tiresome class. It’s when we want to take a siesta right

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Teaching TOEIC

“Teaching TOEIC”By: Mitchelle EscartinTaking up TOEIC guarantees that you learn a variety of language skills in Business English, as well as fixed and

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Taking Charge

“Taking Charge” /By: Melanie H. Ygsi

Many students of English are defeated by their fear of taking English Proficiency Tests like TOEIC and as a

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TOEIC as a caring partner

“TOEIC as a caring partner” /By: Diomel L. Estrera

Everybody is looking for their perfect partner or maybe the ideal partner. Just like in studyi

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“The Art of Difficulty”

By: Teacher Ruth C. Inocentes /


Not easy; requiring much work to do – this is how Merriam – Webster Dictionary defines the word which I a


By: Teacher Ruth C. Inocentes /

(A conversation between an aspiring teacher and her mentor)

Aspiring Teacher: Maam, what makes a good tea