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Everyone wants to be successful in his career, but how to reach the goal is a problem that everyone meets. Som

TOEIC…is Not a Laughing Matter

By: Teacher Nathalie Rivera /

TOEIC is a serious subject course in Philinter. Students who take this know the importance of TOEIC in the

“What it takes to be a TOEIC Resource”

By: Teacher Nimfa S. Gahi /

TOEIC is one of the English examinations which students must take in order to obtain an edge in the real worl

“A self-fulfilling experience”

By: Lucille Saraspe /

When I started teaching TOEIC, I thought I could never be equipped with the know-how in the discharge of my duties.

The key…

By: Teacher Melanie Ygsi /

Studying TOEIC might be very challenging task for most students yet there is no other option as it is a prerequis


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Philinter TOEIC classes aim to enhance students’ test-taking skills. TOEIC Reading is a challenging area yet i


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Different people from different parts of the world study English for one good reason; that is to be globally compe

TOEIC is for you and for me

By: Teacher Diomel Estrera /

TOEIC course is one of the most challenging and interesting subjects especially for Koreans, Japanese and other natio

The Real TOEIC

By: Teacher Melanie H. Ygsi /

Philinter’s TOEIC course helps prepare students for the real TOEIC test which can be challenging and stressful yet f

A Glimpse of Philinter TOEIC Courses and Students

By: Teacher Nathalie M. Rivera
A month ago we had our TOEIC Foundation and Full-time Course Classes for the first time together. Student Ana from Jap

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