Essay – an intellectual, opinionated write-up

/ By: Maria Estela Niña Quiseo /

The IELTS writing examination is seen by many as the most difficult sub-test, particularly task 2, an essay. Both those taking Academic module and General Training module are required to write a 250-word essay. However, this can be made easy with these simple but essential tips.
First, the arguments that test takers want to make should be explained smartly. This means that opinions are not enough to support their argument, but facts are also necessary to make it stronger. However, before starting their essay, they must first identify the type of essay because each type requires a different approach.
Second, keep the words simple but elegant. Flamboyant words are not good since these do not help in making their grade higher. Using simple words elegantly makes it easier for the examiner to follow their view.
Finally, test takers should know what they are writing about. One can never write intelligently about a topic he is not familiar with. Content also matters in the examination. Therefore, students should read more widely before taking the exam to cope with this problem.
With these three reminders, students will be able to construct a good essay for their task. Just be patient and keep practicing

Essay – an intellectual, opinionated write-up