“Five Golden Rules for Chair People”

/ By: Jack L. Deiparine /

1. Time is gold in meetings. At business meetings, never let a discussion run on pointlessly.  If you cannot have a concession within the time of the meeting, cut the discussion short and continue it in a later meeting. But if you need to reach an agreement today, be honest and tell your colleagues that they will need to sit there until the job is done.

2. Call meetings within office hours. If you want your participants to be enthusiastic at meetings, don’t ever call them outside office hours. Scheduling a meeting for evenings or weekends is big NO-NO!

3. Business is business. Small talking is part of the meeting to break the ice but too much of it will not let you get down to business. As the chair of the meeting, you must control the flow of the meeting and direct everyone to focus on the purpose. When you’re in the middle of the meeting, don’t let someone change the subject to basketball again.

4. Preparation is the key. Giving the participants time to prepare is vital in having a fruitful meeting. It is one of the roles of the chair to be an organizer. As an organizer, you must circulate the agenda before the meeting. With prior notice, participants will come to your meeting having thought about your agenda and come up with solutions to problems.

5. Autonomous approach should be observed on meetings.  The only point in bringing people together for a meeting is to let them discuss an issue. Thus, meetings should have a creative and open atmosphere so that your participants can make interesting contributions to the discussion.


Follow these simple rules and it is certain that you will have an effective and productive business meeting.

Five Golden Rules for Chair People