A Glimpse of Philinter TOEIC Courses and Students

By: Teacher Nathalie M. Rivera

A month ago we had our TOEIC Foundation and Full-time Course Classes for the first time together. Student Ana from Japan took the TOEIC Foundation classes with TOEIC Foundation teachers: Teacher Em-Em and Teacher Jane. She has studied the three (3) parts of TOEIC Listening test with Teacher Em-Em. In this class, she has learnedthe common questions, possible answers, as well as the common distractors, and she did several exercises on each part. Also, Teacher Jane has discussed to her the three (3) parts of TOEIC Reading, their strategies, and the commonly used words in TOEIC. The student has to do a Focus Mock Test on Wednesdays together with the TOEIC Full-time Course student. This is a good chance for them to meet other TOEIC students.

Meanwhile, Rikako, our TOEIC Full-time Course Student, has a twelve-week period of study. Since there is a guaranteed score, the student must be more serious. She has four (4) one-on-one TOEIC classes, two (2) Small Group Classes, and (2) Big Group Classes. Her man-to-man teachers are Teachers Diomel and Lucille for her Listening, Teachers Lavenia and Ruth for her Reading and her small group class teachers are Teachers Melanie and Nats. The student has to take every Saturday Mock Test and Focus Mock Test every Wednesday. She must also do self-study at night for two hours.

Based on the results of their mock tests and their good attitude towards their courses, both students have really improved since they took the Diagnostic Test. We are positive that these students can achieve their dream of getting their desired TOEIC Scores in preparation for their future.