“My Philinter Experience”
By: Student Kim (Kum Beomjun)

I had a good experience in Philinter. I met good teachers who are kind. They always advised me about English grammar. The weather is similar to my hometown, Daegu. I learned many things for two months with the different areas in English such as Speaking, Writing, Listening and Grammar.

I visited a lot of places in Cebu, particularly in Sm Mall, Ayala Mall, Parkmall, Logos Hope, Fort San Pedro, Time Square, Santo Niño church, Wine bar, Korean Restaurant, Japanese Restaurant and Public Beaches. I joined festivals, Philinter Got Talent and zumba. Those were few wonderful memories I kept in my mind. When I felt depressed, I went to coffee shops around the city. There were many things that happened while I stayed in the Philippines. But there was a time that I wanted to be alone so I went to some places by myself and eventually my feelings changed.
I will never forget my memories in the Philippines.
Thank you everyone.

フィリンターでは本当に良い時間を過ごすことができました。 親切で良い先生たちにたくさん出会うことができました!先生たちは僕に文法的な間違いを直してくれたり等してくれて、好感を持つことができました!フィリピンの天気は自分の故郷のテグと似ていました。2ヶ月の間、スピーキング・ライティング・リスニング・文法といろいろなセクションの英語を勉強しました。