Grammar Goals

“Grammar Goals”

/ By: Jessica G. Yubal /

When I ask teachers what language skill they teach their junior students, grammar is usually the last one to be mentioned.  There seems to be an aversion to the word “grammar”.  I think our perspective on grammar is very important.  Teaching it doesn’t necessarily mean having language drills for the entire class.  I think grammar is one part of a balanced curriculum.  We can do games and songs and also have fun teaching it.

Perhaps, the goal of teaching grammar is to help our junior students speak with organized sentence structures, in order to make them comprehensible.  If our students learn proper speaking habits while they are young, they can become good communicators in the future.

In my experience as a teacher, it seems that junior students are good at answering questions but struggle when it comes to asking questions.  I believe it is important for us to help our students become good questioners.  This opens doors to the road of discovery and also makes communication a two-way street.