Great Things in Small Packages

“Great Things in Small Packages”

/ By: Axiel Rose M. Berame /

             Like any other thing in this world, teaching has its own boon and bane. It is never an easy job, especially when it comes to teaching English language. It can be a blessing and teachers can extend their helping hand to impart knowledge to students and let them appreciate English more. On the other hand, it can be challenge. A teacher gets high expectations from the students.

Philinter, one of the biggest schools in Cebu, offers several courses, such as General and Junior ESL. Being both General and Junior ESL teacher, I’ve had quite a lot of experience dealing with different types of students. Adult students may have a lot of demands on how they can learn easily, while junior students double the effort to do so.

As absurd it may sound, the latter requires a lot of passion, which makes it more fulfilling to accomplish. Letting an aspiring child grow and develop is a great achievement every teacher could have. As for me, I also believe that moulding the young generation can help build a strong foundation for the betterment of our future. So, being a teacher to them will always be an honour as it contributes to the progress of our society.