By: Teacher Dan Nahum A. Estillore /

Many students fear IELTS because it is difficult and time consuming. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to achieve their desired band score. The only thing necessary is to learn the IELTS system and of course to put it into practice.

With this initial concept of students about IELTS, Philinter carefully tailored a course that will prepare students to take the IELTS exam with confidence. Time-tested test taking strategies are the core fundamental of the course. In Philinter, no strategy is taught without proper discussion among teachers. This ensures the quality of education we give to the students in the most effective and efficient way possible.The knowledge acquired is useless without practice, that’s why in Philinter we give students all the possible time to do this with the latest available training books in the market today.

Proper knowledge and guidance from the trained IELTS instructors are the keys to enable students to face the IELTS exam with minimal risk and with maximum results.

IELTS in a glance