By: Teacher Ruth C. Inocentes /

(A conversation between an aspiring teacher and her mentor)

Aspiring Teacher: Maam, what makes a good teacher?

Mentor: I’ll answer your question with another question. Why do you want to be a teacher?

Aspiring Teacher: Hmmm…because I love teaching and it’s my mom’s dream for me.

Mentor: And why do you love teaching?

Aspiring Teacher: I don’t really know maam. I just feel like I want teaching to be my profession.

Mentor: To be a teacher is more than just loving and wanting it, or even just fulfilling your mom’s dream; it’s not just about imparting your knowledge to your students; but it’s an opportunity to be an inspiration to them. You must leave a mark to their hearts – a mark that could create not just a big but a great impact in their lives. These things won’t only make you a good teacher but an “effective” one.

Those words from my mentor have been on my mind since then. She had taught me things that made me who I am now, not just as a teacher but as a person as well. Those were countless, but she left one very significant influence in my teaching career. It’s when she said that to be good at something doesn’t guarantee how effective you are. She said I shouldn’t stop learning. I should constantly enhance my skills, not to have something to brag but to give onlythe best to all my students.

I believe that there are still a lot of things that I should improve especially in teaching TOEIC. That’s why I didn’t have second thoughts in taking the TOEIC Mock Test for teachers held last Saturday, September 6th. Philinter has decided to make this a monthly activity for all teachers. I think this will produce a decisive effect on us as this will ascertain what our weaknesses are and how we can come up with a plan or other means to develop ourselves into the most effective teachers that any student deserves to have.

To my mentor: You were, have been, and will forever be my admirable, wise, and trusted counselor.