By: Teacher Persalva Nina F. Sumalinog /

Our Junior ESL course helps the students to improve their English level as well as English ability and skills based on their study period by providing customized classes for each student level.

In this course the student will experience one-on-one classes as well as group classes per day in accordance with their level. Our academy conducts monthly tests, we have Progress Test and Power Test that way, their level is being monitored. In their classes they can also make friends with other students. They will learn to mingle with other nationalities. In addition, the students can also develop their some other skills. Like The Got Talent Show that our academy recently had. The junior students were able to show their talents during the competition. Our academy conducts some activities that our students can actively participate in order for them to showcase their talents. In that way, it boosts the students’ self-confidence. They will surely enjoy, have fun, and learn at the same time during their study period in our academy.

When the Juniors Strike English