Learn with fun!

By: Teacher Cecil D. Borgonia

Junior ESL course in Philinter is characterized by customized classes based on the level test results of Speaking, Listening, Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation, Reading and Vocabulary. The course will assure young learners acquire confidence in using English as their second language.

Last June 2, 2014 we had two junior students from Vietnam. Jessica and Jennystudied for a month and both liked what they experienced here in Philinter. They were taught on how to improve their levels in different subjects and they were able to get good scores in both Power Test (every 2nd Friday of the month) and Progress Test (every last Friday of the month).These tests are given to assist students improvement on their Englishskills. The students were also given a chance to showcase their talents. Last June 27, 2014. The school came up with an activity called Philinter’s Got Talent which was held in school, and the two Vietnamese students participated in the said event. In addition, one of the students won as the champion of the individual category. They said that it is really fun to study in Philinter.