By : Teacher Garrick Nehls /

In my experience with students who have enrolled in Philinter’s business program, many of them do not have management experience nor have they taken business-related courses at university. Yet, they choose the Business English program because they recognize that there are certain English skills that are required in all English-speaking workplaces, regardless of industry. Skills like Telephoning, Emailing, Presentation, among many others. Skills that Philinter promises to develop.

Consequently, in my presentation class, wherein it is required that students give presentations that are related to business or economics, I find students protesting on the basis that their passion and interests (a requisite in giving presentations) have nothing to do with business. However, they had to be corrected.

The reality is that all things under the sun have a business and economic side to them. Last month, for example, Augustine was very successfully able to talk to a large audience about the importance and future of Mechatronics – his primary field of interest. He has also shown us how much this industry has contributed to the economy of South Korea.

Shoko, a Japanese student who will be giving her presentation at the end of this month, is very passionate about the world of Anime. Her challenge at the moment is to find the business aspect of her field of interest. She is already doing a very wonderful job by having started to analyze its place not only in Japanese culture, but its role in generating much revenue for the country.

Everything is connected to everything else. We just need to figure out what it means for business.