Listening as Your Goal
/ By: Rey Andales /

Actually, I was so surprised when I was told by my Team Leader that we would have training for IELTS classes. At first, I really thought that this is the easiest subject to teach. However, I think I was wrong.
I was wrong because as I did some research and review of my university lessons, I realized that listening is the first skill one must acquire in order to develop other skills. As a result of this, I tried my very best to find ways on how to help my students enhance their skills.
During the class, students really have a hard time getting along with the words, most probably because of the British accent and some word forms that are totally different from American English. We really had a hard time, at first. Yet, I taught them how to paraphrase words and how to listen for transitions and word stress that would help them catch the answers in the IELTS Listening tasks. There were some instances when the audio is fast-paced or sometimes slow. So I helped them out to get the answers carefully. Following some tips and advice, I believe that the scores of my students have improved. Furthermore, I know for sure that the best thing one must have is not only in studying, but also to have a goal to set in life. This would help students realize their aims and purpose, as well as guide them to achieve their goals.
All in all, I think Listening is a skill one must acquire; hence, the only thing that would make our goal achievable is for us to never stop practice Listening the right way.

Listening as Your Goal