Motivating your child

“Motivating your child” /By: Jennifer Pacaldo

Have you ever faced a class full of blank stares where most of the replies you hear are “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe”? Have you ever felt frustrated by their lack of interest?

As for me, teachers have to find practical ways to motivate their students to learn and appreciate the language, and at the same time, sustain students’ interest in the language learning process.

For a child to be motivated, learning needs to be fun and stress-free. I try to provide as many fun activities as I can for learning English such as listening to music, watching some English videos and all sorts of games. I try not to criticize them too much when they make a mistake because I believe and I understand that it’s natural to make mistakes when learning a language.

And most of all it’s a great idea to talk about the things that interest them, it’s also a great way to establish rapport. Once you connect with them, you won’t find any more blank stares. You’ll see a room full of eager, smiling faces!