“MY ROLE TO PLAY” /By: Mary Jane Booc

In honour of the dedicated teachers which played an important role in English instruction for kids, Philinter/JELAI has proven its effectiveness in language instruction.

As one of the instructors, this is my testimonial.

I do not find it hard to teach juniors, and in fact I enjoy it with students by involving play while the kids are simultaneously learning the language. However, the challenge is to let them realize the importance of the language as most of them tend to take it for granted. I had to try and try after every failure and frustration discovering what should be done to get through with the challenge, and honestly, I have realized that there is no one perfect tool for all students. Every kid has to be dealt uniquely realizing that everyone is different. There may be similarities, but never the same.

Now, I find more joy and fulfilment teaching kids with varying personalities and learning styles. I hope my co-teachers, at one point of their teaching, personally make the same confession and realization.