“Now Is the Best Time!”

By: Teacher Jennifer Pacaldo  /

When is the best time to start learning a language? Is it when we are still young or when we are ready? We should start as early as possible and be ready for the challenges that may come along the way.

It is hard to fill in a cup that is already full. According to some child psychologists, a child’s brain can easily absorb everything like a sponge. They can absorb information easily and learn new things in no time. It’s amazing to see these young children starting to utter new words and phrases as they start their journey into the world of English.

As a teacher, learning is a never ending process. We learned from our day to day experiences. We were once a kid who wanted to join the adventure and now, it is our time to guide and impart our knowledge to these young hearts and minds. We commit ourselves that together we will explore the world using one language, English.