Philinter(フィリンター)卒業生OIMCHUM CHUTIMAさんのレビュー




Philinter Life
By: Student Honey (ACE student)
Philinter makes me feel in love because people are so nice to me. Teachers take good care of me and teach me a lot of things, especially English. I want to say a million thanks to all the teachers who never stop teaching me to be a better person and for giving me more ideas about English. There are nice experiences that I have encountered in my 1 on 1 classes because teachers are so friendly and they teach me in an interactive way. I gained more knowledge that will be applicable in my life.
ACE course is a nice specialized course for students especially those who are planning to study in Philinter for a short time. It can help the students learn and improve their English skills. The course has competitive teachers who understand the students and try to enhance the students’ knowledge in English.