No Pain, No Gain

By: Teacher Garrick E. Nehls 

Last Friday, Misa and Chanel finally completed the 1-month Philinter business English course. A huge sigh of relief accompanied by photo sessions marked the end of their last project. Of course, one can sympathize with this sense of alleviation for it had not been an easy month for these two, nor for anyone who has decided to go through the business English program.

Being different from other ESL programs, the course focuses on the development of very important skills that are necessary for anyone who wants to use English at work. Such skills include writing Emails, making telephone calls, preparing a resume, giving presentations, participating in meetings, being interviewed, and using common vocabulary used in the workplace, among others. And to ensure that the students are ready for the business world, Philinter requires them to complete a variety of projects where such skills need to be applied.

As a result, Misa and Chanel had been spending long and sleepless nights and their vacant hours studying and applying what had been taught in their classes, all in preparation for the project completion tasks given at the end of the course. They knew that if they perform well, their evaluators could award them with good grades on their certification. Indeed, their efforts paid off. Struggling at first, they finished strongly. They are now ready to return to their careers and use English with much confidence.

When they were later asked how they felt, now that everything was over, they remembered the moments they had wanted to give up and the teachers that made them cry. But they saw the good of it all, even agreeing with this very overtly popular yet clichéd statement that “without pain there is no gain.”