Philinter Life
By: Huynh Gia Thien Loc
The first time I came in Philinter, I did not know about English, just only few words of gratitude and apology. At first, I felt very nervous and shy to open my mouth. I stayed here for 3 months and during practice, I’ve been acquiring a lot of knowledge and experience from teachers and friends.
I’m more confident in communicating. I’m not shy anymore. Philinter school teachers are very friendly even also outside the school. They always taught me not only English skills but also life skills for me to become a better man.
Thanks Philinter for giving me a good environment, to improve my English skills and the most special thing is I’m thankful because of this school, I met the woman who is very important to me and who gives me motivation to strive and strength to walk through the challenges of life.
Thanks for everything Philinter! Maybe I will come back to this school in the future with a higher achievement in life. Thanks to all teachers and to the school head that is handsome, Niño