Philinter(フィリンター)卒業生MINH NGUYENさんのレビュー



I only stayed here for 3 weeks but I really felt happy and amazed. All my teachers, Rovie, Shawn, Joan, Jerlyn, and Jaz are very friendly and warm-hearted especially my buddy teacher Diomel. Moreover, they are very professional in teaching me. Before coming here, my English skills in speaking, listening and pronunciation were not so good but now I feel confident when I communicate using English. At first, I felt afraid of speaking English but now I can speak and listen better. ACE Program is a very good program. I had 10 lessons per day, so I could improve my accuracy and fluency. Then I went swimming in the pool to relax after my intensive lessons.
All in all, I enjoyed my Philinter life with my friends and teachers. Thank you so much.