Philinter Life
By: Student “Nemo” SAKAMOTO MANOHA
Hi I’m Nemo. I have stayed at Philinter for three months. It is my second time to come here to study English. During this time, I joined IELTS full-time course because I was planning to go to college in Australia. Honestly, this course is well-known and one of the most successful curricula which means if students want to gain technical knowledge such as science, politics, history; it will be helpful and meaningful. IELTS is necessary to study, work and emigrate in foreign countries, hence I strongly recommend this course especially to those people who want to go abroad. Furthermore, there are so many teachers who can teach IELTS in Philinter. Students can improve our English skill rapidly and learn a lot from our teachers. It is not only about IELTS, but also, they teach students on how to study and keep up the physical or mental condition is some difficult situations. That is why, I think, I enjoyed my stay in this school. In addition, teachers are always there for students, preparing materials, and reducing their private time. Students can really appreciate their thoughtful efforts. To sum it up, I don’t know how to describe this feeling and I just want to thank all my teachers and friends for this opportunity.