日本人卒業生のHAGINOYA RISAさんから



“Philinter Life”
By: Student Ris

I am Risa Haginoya or “Ris”. I am Japanese. On my first day, I felt anxious because I couldn’t speak or understand English. For me, this means that I could not talk and communicate to my teachers. In fact, in my first speaking exam I scored zero points. Because of this, I am always scared to talk to foreign people especially when the medium for communication is English. However, I soon found out that my worries were pointless because my batch mates and friends in PHILINTER helped me practice my English skills. I had Japanese and Korean friends at that time who were kind enough to help me.
During my stay, I also got to enjoy and unwind every now and then. I have been to Nalusuan Island, Oslob, Kawasan Falls, Camotes Island and Bohol Island. Each place is more exciting than the previous one. I had good memories in those trips. It was a fun way to earn friends and practice speaking English.
Also, PHILINTER has very fun teachers. It’s always fun to talk to them. When I was down, they cheered me up and sometimes, I even get to share my problems with them. To an extent, some of my teachers became my closest friends during my stay at the school.
I studied in PHILINTER for three months and I was able to understand and converse in English much better than I used to because of my teachers and friends. All I want to say is that all students can improve their English skills just as I did. Experiencing life in the Philippines is a good step to improve your English skills. Thanks to my teachers and friends.