Student Review
By: Student Lin, Pi-Chieh
Although this is my first time to study abroad, I really enjoyed my days in Philinter. For me, I think the most impressive thing about the school is the teachers. They are interactive, funny, and optimistic. This is something that I find very different from the teachers we have back home. These teachers have the ability to influence more than your English skills. In fact, they taught me on how to be more open-minded and mature.
The course that I chose was ACE, which puts more emphasis on speaking and listening. The reason I chose ACE is because it has the most intensive schedule among all the courses offered by the school. I find it suitable for students like me, who are only staying for 2 weeks at most. There are 10 classes in a day (6 one on one classes, 2 big group classes, and 2 small group classes). With my course, I was able to learn as much as I possibly can and I even noticed the improvements in my English skills. So, I strongly recommend you JOINUS. It is important to learn English the right way.