Philinter Life
By: Bui Thi Mai
Hi, I am Merida, from Vietnam. I spent almost five months studying IELTS in Philinter and I learnt a lot from my teachers and friends here. My goal is to study a master’s degree of law in the USA; that is why I need a good IELTS score and I chose Philinter with a hope of making my dream come true. As you know, IELTS is a significant requirement to study or live in English speaking countries and students usually need as high score as possible. Also, what I learnt in Philinter was not only how to get high score, but also precious knowledge and experience. I think essential things that I got here were how to think in English and use English flexibly in countless situations, as well as enjoy different cultures. I also had great IELTS teachers who were always attentive and willing to help students. For people who are considering Philinter to study English, I can firmly say that you will not regret coming here; just do it and your English will improve rapidly.