Philinter helped me to improve my English skills. I have stayed here for 8 weeks and took up an IPS course. I chose IPS because I want to focus on my speaking skills. Honestly, my English was not so bad but I have a problem in my communicative skills. I do not have enough confidence to communicate with others because I am thinking that I could not give them the detailed information. However, because of the efficient curriculum in Philinter, I can say that it really helped me to improve my speaking skills. 

Each student has 10 classes a day, one on one and group classes. Based on my experience in one–on– one classes, I can say that the teachers are very helpful and kind. They really help their students to learn something, give students a freedom to express their opinions and mostly assist the students’ performance carefully. In addition, the teachers in small group classes are very funny and they encourage us to communicate in a comfortable way. 

In conclusion, I would like to say thank you to all of my teachers because they helped me improve and my level now is higher than before. It was a great and an unforgettable moment for me to study in Philinter.

By: Kim Yejin (Summer)