Philinter Life

By: Student “Sara” NANSARA PHOPHUG

Hello, everyone!
I am from Thailand. My real name is Nansara Phophug, but my English nickname is Sara.
Soon I will be leaving from Philinter! I have made really great memories here.
At first, I was very worried because it’s my first time to study abroad, but no need to worry! Everyone is so kind, helpful and friendly. I made so many friends from different countries: Korea, Japan, Vietnam…
On the weekend I always hung out with my friends! I liked Camotes Island for the most. It was a lot of fun! I also went out to eat dinner with our classmates sometimes after classes -but not always, because I liked the food in the cafeteria! I could always get additional portions.
Going back to Thailand, I feel sad leaving Philinter, but proud of my English improvement. I feel more confident to speak now, and I make less mistakes too! Teachers helped me every day and always encouraged me to speak more and more.
Hope to come here again!