“RESUME MISTAKES… HOW MANY HAVE YOU MADE?” /By: Jeffrey E. Batayola/ T. Epoy

RESUME that is presentable and suitable is the best document/paper when applying for certain positions. The papers comprises one’s resume initially represent oneself to the interviewer and can give good impact to your prospective employer and career.

The following factors are to be considered in doing a resume appealing to the Employer or company.

(1) PRESENTATION – It must have a simple structure which is readable and understandable to the reader especially to the Interviewer with the key components that include obvious statement of name, address and date, subject titles, summary sentences for responsibilities/abilities; (2) UNRELATED INFORMATION – The existing details to the previous companies where one was connected must be appropriate, brief and obvious. A company is interested about your ability to finish the work needed and your competencies on any tasks given based from the references written in your work experiences. Too much personal detail is needless while oversimplifying will not offer adequate details on the other hand. (3) LENGTH – A resume need not to be too long since different companies, employers and HR Officers have personal opinion on how long resume should be. All you need is just to provide details satisfactory to a company that perfectly shows your abilities, scope of responsibilities, attitude towards work and competencies. It is essential that you find a balance between offering enough details that showcase the factors to which they can hire the most competent person for the position. (4)PERSONAL INFORMATION – To some countries, there are particular laws and regulations limiting the data pertaining to age, marriage position, gender, impairment, culture or other similar features. You have to know the nature of the company that you are applying to first and give merit factors to which are necessary to that certain company. Many companies are focused mostly on your ability to finish on particular tasks and your competencies on certain positions. On a lot of events, private details do not matter and are needless.

So, start making a simple yet readable and understandable resume and be sure to get hired to the company you long to be part with.