Philinter Life
My name is Byron, I come from Taiwan. Four months ago, I quit my job and came to the Philippines to study English. My goal was to improve my speaking and writing skills and apply them to daily life and in certain occasions like in business or at work. For these reasons, I started hunting for many English Language academies and compared them thoroughly. Finally, I narrowed down my choices and decided to enroll in Philinter. I made the school my second family in the Philippines.
During the past four months, I truly believe that I have done my very best and I really enjoyed learning English in Philinter. My teachers always encouraged me to do something I haven’t done before like becoming a student leader of section C and encouraging my teammates to win the section war. I also did some research and gave a presentation for what I learned in English. I acquired a lot of knowledge and experiences from the teachers and my classmates. I became more confident in communicating and faced the challenges that I might encounter in the near future.
I would like to thank all my teachers for imparting their knowledge on me. I feel grateful that I had chances to learn from such enthusiastic mentors who always motivated and inspired me, not only with my English skills but also with life skills for me to become a better person. Thanks Philinter for providing me a full English learning environment.
People come and go but memories stay. Staying in Philinter was a great decision I made in my life. Thanks to everyone for an incredible four months!
Thank you!
From Byron (Han, Ping-Tsung)