The Right Place: Philinter

By: Shiely Mae V. Berame

I can still remember the first time I stepped on Philinter.  It was the time that I seemed so enchanted because I couldn’t imagine why the school had a different feeling to me.  Later on, I finally found the answer.  One reason is that it’s a place where there is unity in diversity through the English language.  There’s no higher accolade than Philinter making that possible.  The school continually devises a coherent plan to provide better service to students.  I am grateful enough to be part of the school where people have been working together.  The second reason is that the culture of each country doesn’t overlap one another.  Equity and equality of treatment are present in the school community.  There are people from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Mongolia, Spain and Russia.  I adore the perseverance of teachers and students as they don’t delimit themselves to pursue one goal.  Truly, Philinter is the right place to study English.