Study English and Apply It!

“Study English and Apply It!”

/ By: Cecil D. Borgonia /

                  It is essential for students to speak English these days because it will give them vast opportunities in different fields worldwide. Through the English language, people all over the world understand each other. This is the main reason why many people, especially Asians are learning the language. There are various schools that offer English courses in Asia today. Here in the Philippines, Philinter is an outstanding ESL school that meets the standard of good quality education.

One of our courses, the Junior ESL course handles children from 7-17 years old. In fact, last January, many young learners have enrolled in our school. There were more than 30 students who have learnt and participated in all the activities the school has offered. Most of our students stayed for three months, and some even stayed stayed for 6 months. These kids are very participative. Two of them were the twins Harry and John. They were very bubbly and active as they participated in different activities of the school eagerly. Harry joined the “Speech Contest” and even won a place. John is more talkative now than his first month at school. They improve their speaking ability by applying what they have learnt from their teachers. Overall, their English has improved dramatically in the 6 months of studying at Philinter. Their parents were very proud of them, knowing that their sons have improved their English skills. They would like to come back and study English here again.

In conclusion, speaking English is necessary. And what do you need to do to be better at this? Study the language and apply it!