The Essence of Teaching

“The Essence of Teaching”

/ By: Ana Rose Lumiares /

Teaching is never easy.  It requires utmost passion and dedication, most especially in teaching General Course classes.  All students in this course learn the basics of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar.  It is tough and challenging for teachers to teach a course that involves such diverse skills.

On the other hand, the challenge, fun and mental solitude you experience are essential to recover from the stress of daily living.  “The more teachers are driven to teach, the more students are eager to learn.”  It’s not just teaching, but it’s about learning.  And that’s what this curriculum has taught me.  It has been a great experience to encounter both sweet memories and the sweat of teaching this course.  Moreover, the quality of teacher-student relationship is important for teachers’ well-being in school.  “It’s not what you teach. It’s how you teach.”  Once you learn to enjoy teaching, you will discover what you are truly capable of, without the pressures of other people’s expectations.  My experience shows me that teaching needs devotion.

Therefore, “Nothing beats the experience of teaching this course!”  So, what are you waiting for? Learn English in the General Course!