BY: Ruth C. Inocentes

Logical thinking is thinking based on proven knowledge and information that is accurate and certain. Employers hire workers who display strong logical thinking or reasoning skills as this is relevant to making decisions based on facts. So realistically, companies don’t want to recruit employees who use their emotions in doing so.

We, the TOEIC teachers in Philinter, train our students how to exercise their logical thinking – which most students find so uncomfortable doing – in order to get a good score.  The feeling of discomfort comes when they think the questions are too difficult or when they pay attention to the time allotted. As a result, they never attain their desired score. Although we keep reminding them the strategies for taking the test, it’s still not good enough if they can’t analyse or draw conclusions by themselves. What we avoid happening is when students make the same mistakes. Even though making mistakes is a fact of life, in TOEIC, we can’t let our students adopt an attitude that accepts mistakes; they need to want to be mistake free as much as possible through frequent practice. After all, accuracy is extremely important.

So no matter how challenging TOEIC is, students must learn how to think logically in taking the test. If they do so, this will give them a huge advantage during the exam and help them after they get a job.