By: Teacher Nathalie Rivera /

TOEIC is a serious subject course in Philinter. Students who take this know the importance of TOEIC in their lives. On their first day of TOEIC class, students are askedabout their purpose of taking the course. One main reason is to get a satisfactory result in TOEIC test. The higher the score is the better chance of getting the ideal job and promotion. Another main reason why students enrol in TOEIC course is that TOEIC score is one of their requirements in school. It can give good merits to students in their university records. However, TOEIC class is not at all times serious. Students also have fun learningtechniques and strategies from their TOEIC teachers. Moreover, the improvement of their scores gives them a fulfilment and satisfaction in the end. So, take the TOEIC seriously so that you can enjoy the fruit of your success.

TOEIC…is Not a Laughing Matter